Vitamins for Weight Loss


If only losing weight was as easy as putting on those extra pounds, the world would have been a happier place.

Obesity rates are alarmingly increasing and yet all those people wanting to get rid of unwanted body fats, while never compromising on their diet or sneaking on a cheat meal during a diet course is a familiar story of present day life. One day we pledge to follow a strict routine, counting every single calorie on our finger tips and never missing out on Zumba, yoga, planks and pushups and pull downs. Then the next day, we find ourselves completely indulged into those cute little cupcakes or a cheesy mid day snack.

With this extreme polarity in our fluctuating decisions, how is any weight loss plan going to work then?

Here’s where you need to know about vitamins and capacity to aid you in losing those extra pounds. Although they cannot act as sole weight losing agent in their entirety, they sure can act as catalyst to aid and accelerate the weight losing process and that too in a healthy less energy consuming way.

When you cut down on your regular calorie intake, you need to consume vitamins to compensate for the nutrient deficiency that your body might suffer from. Here is how vitamins make up for the reduced nutrient intake and maintain a balanced and effective weight pattern while never losing out your essential health and well being.

Weight Loss Acceleration

This needs a scientific research backing to make it evident if vitamin D has a direct correlation with obesity. However, some researches do indicate that Vitamin D components found within a specific sample of obese people were relatively lower than people with normal body mass index.

Another research presented at The Endocrine Society's annual conference revealed that higher proportions of vitamin D triggered weight loss and extra intake of vitamin D would do wonders when complemented with a proper weight loss supplement course. Vitamin D is naturally found in Eggs tuna and salmon and can also be taken through pharmaceutical tablets and supplement.

Maintaining the Metabolism

While vitamin D acts as a catalytic agent to accelerate the weight loss process, Vitamin A ensures that the thyroid hormones work in its full functionality to sustain the metabolic activity occurring within the body. Thyroid hormones control the energy consumption within the body, which is directly related to metabolism. Decreased level of thyroid hormone lowers the level of body energy, making it go dull and tired, and this negatively impacts upon the rate of metabolism.

Working Out

People with chronic obesity are observed to have lower level of vitamin C within their body. During the work out sessions, an additional intake of vitamin C expedites the fat burning process by 30%, even while undergoing moderate and mild work outs. A person with a sufficient intake of vitamin C during the work out phase is likely to bun significantly more fats and calories than a vitamin C deficient person.

Controlling the Binges

Vitamin B has been proven to control and maintain a healthy and regular appetite and help you get over the excessive binges that are majorly responsible for your weight loss worries. However, this requires a consistent and regular intake of Vitamin B, for it is insoluble in water and therefore is not stored within the body. The body consumes as much as it need and the excess amount is excreted of the body. 

The Wonders of Turmeric Curcumin

By Pamela Smith


Turmeric curcumin capsules and supplements, we see them online as well as in our local pharmacy. But what exactly is turmeric curcumin? How do we benefit from it?

Turmeric is one of the culinary spices we often see in our spice rack. It is the major ingredient in Indian curries and the component responsible for some mustard's vibrant color. On the other hand, curcumin is a compound that can only be found in turmeric and it's loaded with antioxidants where experts believe to protect and repair cells from damaged caused by free radicals. Aside from that, curcumin also has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease pain and inflammation. The said benefits are already common for most people, but what we do not know are the other surprising uses of turmeric curcumin.

As a remedy

Sprain strain can be applied with one part salt and two parts turmeric with enough water for it to be spread into the affected joints for 20 minutes to an hour, once a day while wrap with an old cloth to avoid staining. But if you prefer the easy way, the University of Maryland Medical Center suggests taking turmeric supplements to help reduce the sprain swelling.

Upset stomach can be soothed by 500 mg of turmeric four times daily, according to The National Institutes of Health (NIH).